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It's been forever since we've updated here - oops!!

It turns out that Faithey was in fact having a bad reaction to the Burrow's ear solution! As soon as we stopped it, it took about 3 days and her hearing came back completely! :) Yay! She is still back and forth to the dermatologist and it's been determined that she does need to continuously have prednisone for her issues. Our next appointment is November 3, so wish us luck!

I plan to take the doggies out this weekend for some hiking! Pictures to follow :)


Empty Nest Mom said...

Thanks Sara - I especially appreciate the pictures with Faith IN the bag. In theory I could fly Max under the seat but he is pretty long and I just can't imagine how he would fit. How did you get your pooches to like the bag? Shaping?

Empty Nest Mom said...

Thanks for your reply. Does the sturdibag have zippers at both ends or just one end? Can Faith actually turn around in it? I'm here in B.C. visiting my parents and missing my two guys desperately.

What I mean by shaping is waiting for Faith to go in the bag and then rewarding her. I know of one person who fed her dog all meals in the travel bag in order to get her used to it and liking it. Of course this was a pup and I can see it wouldn't work with dogs our size.

Katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

I am "blog shopping" tonight, and found you and Empty Nest Mom, both great! I recently flew to St. Louis to pick up Magnus from the rescue. I was nervous to fly with a pup, but he did wonderful! Thankfully at nine weeks he was still sleeping a lot, so it was a peaceful flight. I'm not sure how my little girl would do though, she is my sensitive soul.;) Your pups are very, very cute!

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