Happy Birthday Kosmo!!

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Dear Kosmo,

I can't believe today you turn 5 years old! It seems like yesterday that I seen you for the fist time, so small and cute. You stole my heart and there was no way I could let you go:

You still remain one of the cutest puppies I've ever seen! We used to say you look like you got washed too many times because your spots were so faded in the beginning. You grew up so fast!

Thank you for teaching me so many things in the last five years. I never knew I could love a doggy as much as I do you. I'm glad it was you who introduced me to the love of cavaliers; you are the reason I could never live without one now. You've also taught me many things such as health issues, what to look for, who to see, and most recently the most important lesson: to put everything else aside that may be wrong and just to focus on making the most of the time I have here with you. I hope you are with me for many many more years to come. In fact, I would keep you by my side forever if I could. :)

"I love you too much Kosmo" - isnt that what I always say to you? :) It still stands. May you have as many balls to chase as you want and many many more walkies and outings in the years to come. Happy birthday buddy!! <3


Love My Cavaliers said...

Gorgeous photos. I love that 3rd one especially. And I love your snow coat too. Are you sure you're not a human in disguise?

LHD said...

Ohhh that made my heart melt! It is amazing how much these dogs touch you. :) Happy Birthday Kosmo!

Lisa Rusczyk said...

Beautiful Pictures!! Happy Birthday from Charlie!!

From: http://charlie-the-cavalier.blogspot.com/

Katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

Beautiful photos! It's amazing how fast they grow up and how much we love them! This is a very nice tribute.

Miss Kodee said...

My favourite is his puppy picture on the blanket looking up!

Gretchen said...

Adorable pictures! I'm a little late, but hope you had a great birthday.

Autaven said...

As a fellow cavalier owner, this brought a little tear to my eye I'll be honest. They all seem to grow up so so fast. Happy Birthday!

Sandi said...

Happy belated bday Kosmos! He's sucha cute pup! :)

Ellie and I are new to your blog! Hope you don't mind us adding you to our friend list!

Shaye Walsh said...

Cute photos! When you get a chance, can you email me quick? I've got a couple questions for you.

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