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It's been such a long time! Bad Sara.. Sorry I haven't written on here for a while, life has been insane!

Kosmo is doing better. Although he occasionally still has a bad bowel movement and a tummy grumble, his colitis issues seem to be pretty well resolved. I do have to be careful when I give him anything other than dog food, but we haven't seen any blood for quite a while now.. woohoo :)

Faithey on the other hand hasn't been doing so hot.. :( Not too long ago, I was brushing her out and noticed something sticking up on the back of her leg..! YIKES!

She of course went to the vet for that as well as she's been having some issues with reverse sneezing. I know lots of cavaliers reverse sneeze regularly (Kosmo does it!) but Faithey had a really severe episode, so when the vet biopsied her, I asked her to take a peek at her soft palate. The results stunned me! She has a swollen throat but not a long soft palate, presumably from allergies.. YIKES!

We then tried a anti-histamine -- Novo-Hydroxyzine and I don't know if it worked or not because she started reacting so badly that I had to take her off of it@! I could seriously not physically wake her up and it scared the crap out of me. I would have to pick her up to make her wake up and then she would get startled. She's finally back to her old self now, proving it by throwing up a rock in the middle of the vet's office floor..LOL silly girl

The results for the skin problems came back as pressure type ulcers with little allergic cells inside of them (eosinophils). Because she has had lots of problems, she's now being referred to a specialized Dermatologist in downtown Toronto. Her appointment is June 23rd so please keep your fingers crossed for us!

Right now I'm looking up what kind of food to change her to as apparently she's not allowed to be on a high fatty acid food before her appointment.. Hmmmm!

Hopefully we'll be back more often sometime soon! :)


Love My Cavaliers said...

What a cute photo. She looks like she's out sunbathing. Hope you're puppies are both feeling better soon. We feed our boys Hills JD Science Diet dry food only now. It's helped Jasper (our pudgy boy) lose weight. It's a low fat diet and good for their bones. It also comes in tin food variety if they prefer that.

Jasper & Marley.

Momo and Pinot said...

Kosmo and Faith!! We melt when we saw the first photo... then last one made us smile. :) We know life is sometime not fair! It's not fun to deal with health issues but we know you've been in good hands. :) I Momo have reverse sneeze problem when we first go out but it's gone after 30 seconds or so. Our vet told us these is nothing we can do. We hope you two feel much better very soon!

Momo & Pinot

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