WOOHOO! I'm back!

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I'm not getting kicked out of bed!! YAY!! What was with that, anyways? My daddy has been threatening for years to kick me out of the room at night, but last night he said was glorious!

It all started as soon as I came to my furever home. Yup, I snore, but it's not a big deal, or at least I don't think so. The only thing that annoys me is that sometimes I wake myself out of a deep sleep from snoring.. Ughh that can get to me fast, but it doesn't happen too often. Usually, I'm laying on my back or something. My dad hates it.. He pushes me, yells at me, moves me - he does whatever he can to wake me up because apparently --> I <-- keep him from sleeping. If he has such a problem with me, why doesn't he just leave? hmmm? ;)

Last night he said was the first night he's gotten good sleep in a while. Imagine that! I couldn't figure out why, but then it dawned on me.. It was so freaking hot last night that I didn't sleep at all myself. I was on the bed, on the floor, in the hall, downstairs, back onto the bed.. MISERABLE! I almost wanted to ask my mom to give me a dreaded B so that I could sleep. You know a girl has gotta be desperate if she asks for one of those!!

Please say your prayers for me tonight guys - my dad can just suffer, but I need my beauty sleep!
Oh and a big thank you to my friends Kodee and Becky for being kind enough to let us share their bed at their house. I MUST put one of those on my Christmas list!!

Faithey ;)


Miss Kodee said...

Simple you need an air conditioner and Dad needs ear plugs ;) What is the Dreaded B?

Lisa Rusczyk said...

We just added you to our Cavalier Blog List!

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