Botanical Gardens

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Today was a different-doggy-day for us! Mom decided this morning that she was tired of being cooped up and doing school work all the time, so she put in a call to her good friends Kodee and Becky at (man, I've really gotta figure out how to say "DOG" and someone can click it!) and we met up at the Botanical Gardens on our end of town! We'd never been there before. It was a beautiful day outside- sun was out, breeze was blowing and best of all, we got to see our friends!!!

Mom complained she hadn't had a photo opportunity with us for a long time so the first thing she did was blackmail us ...

We walked and walked around the park, sniffed some flowers, and got to go swimming!! A little bit anyways.. Mom pulled me out when she seen me drinking the water.. hey, a dogs gotta drink, too!! Anyways, then we sat down by a nice picnic table. We first noticed how our little friend, Becky has grown!! She's so pretty now! I (Kosmo) would be into her if I hadn't realized I'm 28 and she's 7.. Yuck!! Anyways.. I still think she's totally cute, but would much rather her suitable sister, Kodee, if you get my drift.. ;)
Let us NEVER forget her beautiful sister Kodee!! Kodee was great today.. I seen her sneak a kiss into my mom and I've never seen her do that before!! I think she finally thinks of us as her extended doggy family ;) Pawesome for me!
After some walking and talking, the paw-rents had a crazy idea to try to get all 4 of us lined up together for picture taking opportunities. We can't figure out the silly reason why they feel this is necessary, but they know treats are always our weakpoint, and it's not fair, but they know we'll eventually give in.. :-( They seem to be fairly happy with the results though
After a fun day of pawin around, we were TIRED!! Mom picked Faith up and she fell asleep backwards in her arms just like a little baby does.. Hmm. .. . . Suck Up!!

We're sorry we haven't written in a while, but hopefully now that it's summer time we'll be updating a little more often! We miss swapping doggy stories with all of you and hearing the new innovative ways you've uncovered to butt-sniff!! Tah tah for now!
~ Kosmo
We can't figure out how to mess with the layout of this post because we're very technically challenged and we need to go to sleep. So like I said, TTFN and sorry! Hopefully someday we'll figure it out!


Love My Cavaliers said...

Lovely photos. Looking forward to some more Summer adventures for you all. Especially love the pawsome foursome photo!

Miss Kodee said...

Pawsome Foursome lol, I kind of like that!! Becky was still full of steam last night. I have decided its impossible to make her tired.

Embee Cavalier's said...

Awesome pictures! Looks like you guys had a great time at the gardens. I loooovvee those black and tan tongues!

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