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Today is a good day! Faith is still absolutely exhausted from being totally tortured yesterday (lol), and Kosmo is doing well today, too! They are of course both relaxing and sleeping right now (what cavalier doesn't LOVE sleeping!) but later tonight I plan to give them a bath and a nice long walk. :)

It's funny how sometimes dogs react to thunderstorms. Yesterday we not only had an earthquake, but a mighty powerful thunder/lightening storm run through in the middle of the night. Avi laughed hysterically at Faith during the earthquake because she was sleeping on her back and kept moving up and down.. Her lips were vibrating and she was dead to the world.. that's my girl! lol ;) Last night during the thunderstorm, the thunder got so loud at one point that it was shaking the house! The lightening was pretty vicious too. Kosmo got mad at the light apparently and got up to burrow under the covers. Nobody here cares about storms, lol. I have always been a storm lover myself, so if my dogs didn't react well to them, I think I'd cry. I remember with both of them sometimes during the thunderstorms I'll pick them up and plaster my head out the window and let them watch. Maybe they're used to it since they've grown up watching me storm stalk, lol.

I finally got my computer back after a long vacation (bad virus! :( ) and you know what that means?!? PICTURES!

Last week, my good friend Debbie at Bark'N About went to the park around here. I just love good friends and walks in the park. Life would be perfect if I could convince MaryBeth at Embee's cavaliers to move out here and share park trips!!

My attempt at getting the 4 of them together:

Kosmo and Faith in front of the fountain.. I must have took 10 pictures here and yet I still couldn't find one I liked that well!!

And saving the best for last....

Here is the beautiful MysticMoon Dancing Queen a.k.a. Becky - Becky is being shown this weekend at the Cavalier Fanciers of Southern Ontairo specialty show.. Wish her luck!! Kosmo and Faith will have their paws together in support.. Go Becky, you'll do great!!

Today we are thankful for all of our good cavalier friends!! We love you all and can't wait to see you soon! :)


Miss Kodee said...

Your dogs always sit perfectly no matter where they are and how much commotion is around them. Do you think by the time Becky is 10 she might learn "wait" lol Noooo not if food is envolved!!

So glad Faith's appointment brought some answers let's hope the next one brings more. P.S. Do you think tumbling her in the dryer is a good idea? ;)

sara said...

Actually, you'd be surprised at how well it helps with static!! :P You should try it sometime :P

Rouky said...

Kosmo and Faith are so well behaved! And I LOVE the photo with Kodee and Becky: the 2 black and tan are leaving their tongue out! They are smiling!

BTW, thanks for your nice comment on Rouky's blog! You know, I wrote that my favorite of the moment are ruby and tri-colour cavaliers, but b&t have long been my favorite, even above blenheim. Now I love them all! You are right, when I'll have my 2nd one, I'll let him/her choose me. It's a bright idea! :-) Have a great week-end dear!

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