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Faith here - yesterday, my mom got some kind of wild hair and decided to throw me into the bath tub. I was not impressed. Not one bit. She said something about having to put Revolution on me because of the dermatologist's instructions but wanting me to be clean first. I think being clean is totally over-rated. Now I look like a big fluffy-butt. How embarrassing! To make matters worse, she decided it would be a good idea to take pictures of us in the act.. Why, why why?!

Yes, that is me glaring at her!

It's too bad she knows my weakness.. she bribed me with treats.. darn!

If it wasn't bad enough that I was cold and FREEZING to death, Kosmo stole the warm water.. HMMPH!

You think this is funny, do you?

Ahh fine.. just do what you gotta do, but get it over with!!

After the bath, she made me drip dry, and then called me a "hot mess!" Today I at least got pampering.. A nice brush and some diluted Vellus Satin Cream thanks to Debbie (grrr!! She was being generous and giving us some satin cream but mommy thought it was conditioner and diluted it - whoops! lol).. Oh well now it will last for a long time my mom said, haha. I got some Surolan and some Douxo Sebborhea Spot On ointment for my crazy skin lesions. They are pretty oily looking right now but hopefully with regular administration, we can get them to go away!

The revolution made my hair all stiff and stinky. :( Ahh crap. And if that wasn't bad enough, she put some Burrow's solution in my ears. LOL Hot mess is right! Oh well, now I'm finished and all brushed out and tangle free. I actually like the brush.. as long as treats are involved afterwards of course ;)

Today is another good day for my brother! He had a bit of a period last night but he's been great all day today. This is good news! :)

Hope everybody has a great weekend!




Love My Cavaliers said...

Faith.....you look so cute you little soggy doggy! Your Mummy is very very brave giving the two of you a bath at the same time! My Goodness I wouldn't even consider doing that. Marley and Jasper love having their baths but I only attmept one at a time. You must be very well behaved and sit still and not shake yourselves all over the place when you're wet. I like to blow dry our puppies after their bath too...now then you'd have something to really complain about....fluff balls galore LOL! Hope your skin treatments work for you.

Momo and Pinot said...

Faith and Cosmo!! You look so adorable in the tub! I, Momo understand what you mean. I am not a water doggie like Pinot and I am not impressed by the time we have to take a bath!! :)

Your pavement story is so funny!!!

Have a good weekend! (Hope rain will stop!)

Momo & Pinot

Rouky said...

Two cavaliers in the bathtub at the same time! You are brave parents (or you must have super well-behaved cavaliers)! I bet it's both!!!

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