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Kosmo here!

Ok, so, you know you've had a really really bad month when you see mommy and daddy's poop in the basement, run through it innocently to go outside, and end up sick as a dog - wait, can I use that metaphor??

(I should add that the reason for the poop was a sewer leak - gross!! The plumber forgot to glue the pipe together when he was making the pipes and it finally came loose and as a result sewer water as well as a whole load of laundry water went everywhere)

I have been sick - sick as a dog, sick as a goat, sick as a horse - call it what you want, but S.I.C.K!! I first started showing symptoms with some mucous stools on February 28th. On March 1st, I had blood for sure in my stool, and by March 2nd, we were looking at total blood coming out of me. It was very scary to watch mommy and daddy totally freak out over me, but they did what any parent would do and took me to the vet.

I seem to have somehow gotten colitis. My blood counts were checked and I had elevated eosinophils, but my fecal samples keep coming back negative. I've been on and off Metronidazole for about 3 weeks now and just got another prescription for that along with some reglan tonight. I even spent one afternoon in the doggy hospital from this!! The vet is in agreement that somehow I picked something up from running through the poop.. :( I know my mom blames herself for me running through it, but really I run like lightening to the door because I get SO excited to get out, and I beat her down to the basement every time! ;)

My mom is at the end of her rope with this. I know she wants me to feel better and she keeps trying everything she can, but sometimes apparently things just aren't meant to be. She says we're going back on a strict diet of white fish, rice, squash and sweet potato. It sounds delicious, but I'd rather eat my real food. I like it a lot, but mommy is threatening to pull me off of it indefinitely if I can't transition back to it smoothly.

My mom has been put under strict orders to call my vet every day until I get better. I hope that day comes soon! Please keep your fingers crossed for me guys - I've cost half of what a new cavalier would be.. Yikes!! It's a good thing I'm cute ;)

Nobody could stop laughing at this picture of me from the other day. I was all snooded up for some dinner but they kept laughing at the boy who had pink (pepto bismol) on his chin.. I think I make pink look good ;)

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Hello hello -

OK ok , by now you've probably guessed Kosmo and Faith don't get computer privileges ALL the time... I think this blog will consist of a bunch of different posts from either Kosmo, Faith or I. I must have a place to validate my ramblings, too, you know. :) This morning I left my baby at the vet for a few hours and came home to give Kosmo a shower.. Silly boy cannot just dry all by himself so of course I had to help dry him.. ;)

In the back of him is their new OMG Plush puppy - I wish the sprayer wouldn't spray so much and it would smell a little nicer, but it for what it is, I do like it. I just finish it up with some petsilk clean scent cologne afterwards and they look and smell to die for .. ;) Of course, in the middle of grooming this little guy, the vet has to call and say Faithey is ready to be picked up, so out I rushed like a mad woman to pick her up.

Faithey's appts didn't go so hot this morning. Not what I wanted to hear, and I've been feeling rather cluster****ed since - can I say that on here? LOL I went to the surgeon with her afterwards and she talked to me for an hour and a half - and I don't remember a damn thing. It all seems like a distant memory and I'm still looking for my heart which was so violently ripped out of my chest. Next time, I'm making daddy come with me for sure.

Anyways, that's all for now folks. I'm off to do some homework and get some more of this!

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Hello Hello!

My brother told me I was required to log into here sometime today and introduce myself. I would much rather be tearing something up or getting into something I'm not supposed to, but I will humor him for a while because most of the time if I do that, he lets me eat his food ;)

My name is Faith. People call me Faithey, Fay, Bullet, Trouble - if you have food, you can call me anything you want. I was also born in a not-so-nice place called a puppy mill. I am from the southern USA. When I was born, I was destined for a pet store like my brother, but then something happened. I went to the store alright, but I heard them mutter something about an umbilical hernia and before I knew it they were shipping me somewhere else, starving me, and I ended up back where I started out. It's hard to believe, but my next stop as I knew it was the vets where I heard someone talk about "putting me to sleep" for a business loss because I wasn't "good enough" to sell. Pretty sickening, huh? That was the scariest day of my life. I remember that ride to the vets just like it was yesterday. I was barely 7 weeks old, and my life was already ending.
That's when that very nice vet decided something else was in store for me and handed me over to a rescue organization. That's when I met my foster mommy. I came to her at seven weeks (I was taken from my mommy at 5 - oh how I missed her :( ) and weighed 1.8lbs. I gained a pound a week for as many weeks as I can remember, and I'm now sitting at a plump 20.8lbs. My forever mommy came to get me when I was 10 weeks old and I rode on a plane back and slept on her lap (undetected of course!) over many states before I came to meet my daddy and my brother. I like it here - Of course I would like it better if I lived in an all-you-can-eat buffet, but considering that's pretty hard to come by, I do like it here. Here's a little about me:

I like food incase you haven't already guessed. I don't know whether it was because food was not given to me in my first weeks of life or what, but I go absolutely nuts when someone brings out food. I'm working on it, but truthfully, I think my parents are just going to have to accept me for who I am. They know this, but they still get frustrated with my food drive. I am a diva - something about a "whole color" personality - I like to eat things I'm not supposed to, destroy things I'm not supposed to, and cause all kinds of trouble. My most recent antic was jumping up on the coffee table in the middle of the day and uprooting (and eating!) the roots of the baby aloe vera plants. They are both dying now, but I sure had fun spreading the soil all over the living room.. ;) I am a big huge cuddler. I am supposed to be a daddy's girl because Kosmo LOVES my mommy, but you can find me more and more these days cuddling with her. She doesn't mind if I snore all night and my dad shoves me a million times - so I ask you - who would you cuddle with?! I don't really like toys, but there are two exceptions.. Wubbas and Flying Squirrel Chuck It toys. I will travel on 30 minute walks with the squirrel in my mouth if my mom brings it out. Other than that, my life is pretty boring.

Oh yeah, there is one other thing. Tomorrow afternoon, I have an appointment with Dr. Joanne Cockshutt from the Toronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital. She is an AWESOME orthopaedic surgeon, and the same one who did a beautiful job on Kosmo's knees a couple of years ago. It seems I have developed luxations in my patellas and I am criss crossing my legs and compensating when I walk. I have ruined my shoes and a few people have commented that my gate is funny. My regular vet doesn't know for sure, but it looks like I might need surgery. Tomorrow morning I am going to the regular vets to get some X-Rays taken and then I'm off to see Dr. C in the afternoon. Please keep your fingers crossed for us. I'm going to be a bear if I need surgery, but I know my mom will take care of me. It's pretty stressful for all of us right now though.

And since Kosmo got to show himself off, here are a few pictures of me!

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My name is Kosmo and I am a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I am 4 years old and live in Ontario, Canada with my sister Faith and my mommy and daddy. I was born in a not-so-nice place called a puppy mill and put in a pet store where my mommy and daddy bought me. Although I am thankful to be out, my mommy says buying puppies from pet stores is the absolute worst thing you can do. She says to tell you guys that I had to have a $4,000 surgery because I had bad knees which was most likely a result of my parents not having health testing before they had me. She also cherishes every day I am here on this earth with her because she knows my breed is predisposed to heart problems, and although I'm OK today, it doesn't mean I will be tomorrow. She says to anybody who might be reading this blog that might be looking for a cavalier to make sure your breeder is doing proper health testing on their dogs before you deicde to buy. If you want to know more information, just ask.. she loves to talk! Although I am glad I found a great forever home, apparently I taught my mommy and daddy a very big lesson. Now that that is out of the way, here is a little about me:

I love balls. Big balls, small balls - it doesn't matter, as long as they're round. My only requirement is that I can pick them up with my mouth for fetch. I sometimes do this for hours. I also love to rip absolutely all toys to shreds. My mommy got clever and bought these new toys without stuffing called skinneeez so that I couldn't spread stuffing all around the house - I promptly showed her what I thought of this idea by ripping them apart and putting them inside out. My favorite place to be is on my mommy's lap - I am a cavalier after all. ;) I love to sleep with her in bed, and if she's not careful, I will not hesitate to steal her pillow. My second favorite thing to do is definitely to go on walks. I love - wait - LOVE - to pee on things. There is nothing more than a good pee onto every blade of grass, tree, whatever I can find to relieve a little stress. I love to splash in mud puddles, but I have learned I must do it at the beginning of the walk. This results in being nearly dry by the end of the walk and most of the time avoids the oh so awful bath tub. I also love tricks. I'm hoping I get to go back to school sometime soon. There is nothing better than showing off in front of the class doing tricks and getting a big hug and kiss to boot! I also love sleep. Tomorrow I am hoping this rain will let up for a while so I can go on a walk. Mom already said she has planned to bathe me, so hopefully I can get good and dirty before that happens. I suppose I should log off here and go to sleep. Tomorrow my sister will introduce herself. For now, here are a couple of pictures of me.