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Exciting times are here tomorrow!! I'm going down, along with my good friends Mary Beth, Debbie and Lianne to Winter Woofstock!

Woofstock is known here in Toronto for the crowd it draws, the many dogs who attend, and best of all, the SHOPPING!! :)

There are tons of booths - I am looking forward to browsing the Smoochy Poochy booth as well as the Grizzly Salmon booth.

It's kind of a pain to take the dogs when there are tons of other doggies around, but that's why we kept our stroller after Kosmo's knee surgery. It's easy enough to pop them in there and be on about our merry way. Faith doesn't love crowds so she spends most of her time inside the stroller, but Kosmo loves to sniff as many butts as he can get a handle on.

I'll try to take/post pictures and hopefully we'll be able to meet up and spend some time with our friends.

On the way home, I am stopping by the veterinary referral hospital to pick up some Atopica - we're going to try Faith on it because I think her allergies are environmental and Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex is treated with atopica in cats so I would like to at least give it a try and see if it makes a difference. Faith is still having those lesions on her hocks, so hopefully the atopica will stop that from happening. More on that later, but she'll be starting it early next week! :)