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We hope everybody had a very merry Christmas! This Christmas Avi and I decided not to exchange gifts with each other and we got a TV instead. It is massive and Kosmo LOVES barking at all of the animals on it! Instead of a human exchange, I decided to exchange doggy gifts with my good friend Anne and her cavaliers Rocky and Johnny. Kosmo and Faith had a TON of fun while I opened up presents!

One of our gifts was: The Stuff This is a conditioner/detangler that works great for big snarls and also doubles as a urine protector.

I also got a cavalier decal sticker for the back of my car!! As everybody who knows me knows I am a complete nerd, I appreciate this sticker a lot!

I don't have many pictures of us opening the rest of the gifts as Avi decided to make a video of it. I tried to upload it but it was taking forever and didn't seem to want to process it. I didn't take a picture of the ornament which is on my tree or the two Christmas snoods she sent us.

We also got two 6' Douglas Paquette leashes. The patterns are Coach Dog and Summer Ferns. I absolutely LOVE Douglas Paquette and the quality of their stuff. Kosmo and Faith have tons of it and both patterns look awesome on them!

This is a picture of me opening the dogs' FAVORITE package ever - Wet Noses organic treats! They absolutely LOVE wet-noses and as you can see, they smell good enough to eat, haha. ;) They come from a local company in Munroe, Washington and I was introduced to them a few years ago from my good friend Anne. They got the pumpkin flavor and not only does it serve an awesome treat, it also helps to add some fiber into their diet and keep them regular! :)

In fact, Faith liked them so much that she decided to guard the package:

When she figured out she wasn't going to get anymore, she gave up.. and decided to sleep with it..

Thank you for all of the wonderful gifts Anne!! We had a fun Christmas and the dogs enjoyed everything! :)


LHD said...

What a wonderful Christmas wih you Cavs! I just discovered your blog and with 2 CKCS of my own, boy am I glad I did!

Rouky said...

Sara and Avi, you had a wonderful Chritmas! I hope you'll watch plenty of excellent shows and movies on that big TV! Faith and Kosmo are having a wonderful time too. Fantastic!

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