The coolest dog!

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As some of you may not know, I just finished a four year bachelor's degree in nursing. Although it feels good to be done, this completion also comes with the reality that I must take, and pass, a licensing exam before I am able to practice. With this comes many many study dates and the end of "having a life" as I know it.

As a result, I've been over to many different people's homes over the last little while. Last night, myself and 5 other friends met up with one of the best people in the world; a professor who regularly works with students who have failed the exam. Although none of us have failed, we decided to ask if she'd be willing to study with us to prepare to which she obliged.

I met a new friend last night.

I would like you all to meet the cutest, most energetic motorcycle riding dog on the planet.. Joey!

Joey only knows commands in french, but his tricks include rolling over, dancing, and using those big eyes of his to get whatever his little heart desires. He definitely is in the category of being one of the most spoiled dogs I've ever met! In the few hours we were there, he got to lick icing off a plate, have peanuts, literally destroy a toy and made us all laugh with his "extra" dish of veggies. When he gets in trouble, he is called by his full name and it is the funniest thing to watch.. he knows exactly when he has been naughty and will slink across the floor with his beady little "I'm sorry!" eyes.. Thanks for the good time, Joey! :)


saudia said...

last night was a blast! and so was joey... im still amazed that he knows much more french than i do!

Debbie said...

What a sweetie! I know you'll do fine. My co-worker's daughter just wrote (and passed) that exam last spring. I know how stressful the studying and then the waiting is.

Katie, Maizey and Magnus said...

It's always fun to meet new 4legged friends! My sister-in-law is doing her clinicals(?) right now and will be taking her RN exam soon. It is a lot of work! I think I would rather just snuggle the pups!LOL Hope it goes well!

Beyond the Dog Dish said...

Considering its National Dress Up Your Pet Day, this dude is rock'n

Gretchen said...

Congratulations on finishing your degree. What a great accomplishment. Your new friend is adorable!

Rouky said...

He is super cute! I'm so proud of you Sara!

As you know, Jerome has been at the hospital for the last 9 days (my dad is with him at the moment, I'm going back in a few minutes. Jerome might have his OK to leave this evening!). The work the nurses do is incredible! They truly are heroes. You have all my admiration.

That said, that joey is super cute!

I'm sending you lots of energy for all the studying you have left to do. You can do it!

Lindsay said...

You know what. I definitely say his name with an accent like his mommy haha. Makes me feel a little french.

So cute. So adorable. I'm gonna miss these study nights :( :(

ps. quiiiiit your stressing! your smart! you can do this. WE ALL CAN AND WILL!

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