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Hello hello -

OK ok , by now you've probably guessed Kosmo and Faith don't get computer privileges ALL the time... I think this blog will consist of a bunch of different posts from either Kosmo, Faith or I. I must have a place to validate my ramblings, too, you know. :) This morning I left my baby at the vet for a few hours and came home to give Kosmo a shower.. Silly boy cannot just dry all by himself so of course I had to help dry him.. ;)

In the back of him is their new OMG Plush puppy - I wish the sprayer wouldn't spray so much and it would smell a little nicer, but it for what it is, I do like it. I just finish it up with some petsilk clean scent cologne afterwards and they look and smell to die for .. ;) Of course, in the middle of grooming this little guy, the vet has to call and say Faithey is ready to be picked up, so out I rushed like a mad woman to pick her up.

Faithey's appts didn't go so hot this morning. Not what I wanted to hear, and I've been feeling rather cluster****ed since - can I say that on here? LOL I went to the surgeon with her afterwards and she talked to me for an hour and a half - and I don't remember a damn thing. It all seems like a distant memory and I'm still looking for my heart which was so violently ripped out of my chest. Next time, I'm making daddy come with me for sure.

Anyways, that's all for now folks. I'm off to do some homework and get some more of this!


Miss Kodee said...

Forget the Plush Puppy bottle - I have one for you that works great! Its recycled bottle. I agree don't like smell much but love how easy they are to comb out. I just dab on Vellus Satin Cream for a nice smell. Hmm maybe I will buy Vellus cologne :P Cute picture.

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