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Kosmo here!

Ok, so, you know you've had a really really bad month when you see mommy and daddy's poop in the basement, run through it innocently to go outside, and end up sick as a dog - wait, can I use that metaphor??

(I should add that the reason for the poop was a sewer leak - gross!! The plumber forgot to glue the pipe together when he was making the pipes and it finally came loose and as a result sewer water as well as a whole load of laundry water went everywhere)

I have been sick - sick as a dog, sick as a goat, sick as a horse - call it what you want, but S.I.C.K!! I first started showing symptoms with some mucous stools on February 28th. On March 1st, I had blood for sure in my stool, and by March 2nd, we were looking at total blood coming out of me. It was very scary to watch mommy and daddy totally freak out over me, but they did what any parent would do and took me to the vet.

I seem to have somehow gotten colitis. My blood counts were checked and I had elevated eosinophils, but my fecal samples keep coming back negative. I've been on and off Metronidazole for about 3 weeks now and just got another prescription for that along with some reglan tonight. I even spent one afternoon in the doggy hospital from this!! The vet is in agreement that somehow I picked something up from running through the poop.. :( I know my mom blames herself for me running through it, but really I run like lightening to the door because I get SO excited to get out, and I beat her down to the basement every time! ;)

My mom is at the end of her rope with this. I know she wants me to feel better and she keeps trying everything she can, but sometimes apparently things just aren't meant to be. She says we're going back on a strict diet of white fish, rice, squash and sweet potato. It sounds delicious, but I'd rather eat my real food. I like it a lot, but mommy is threatening to pull me off of it indefinitely if I can't transition back to it smoothly.

My mom has been put under strict orders to call my vet every day until I get better. I hope that day comes soon! Please keep your fingers crossed for me guys - I've cost half of what a new cavalier would be.. Yikes!! It's a good thing I'm cute ;)

Nobody could stop laughing at this picture of me from the other day. I was all snooded up for some dinner but they kept laughing at the boy who had pink (pepto bismol) on his chin.. I think I make pink look good ;)


Momo and Pinot said...

We'll keep our paws crossed for you, Kosmo. Being sick is no good, no fun at all but wait.. let us say your 'strict diet' menu sounds so yummy to us. We thought we were watching Food Network though. :) Hope your prescription free day will come soon!!!

ahh.. what a cute pic!! It's nice to see you guys are looked after so well by your mom and dad. :) :)

Momo & Pinot

ps: Thanks for coming by our blog. Tell your mom that your blog is NOT boring at all.

Miss Kodee said...

Glad they enjoyed it. Becky is blushing over the nice compliments. Did you HAVE to show me the snakes and reptiles *shivers*

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