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My name is Kosmo and I am a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I am 4 years old and live in Ontario, Canada with my sister Faith and my mommy and daddy. I was born in a not-so-nice place called a puppy mill and put in a pet store where my mommy and daddy bought me. Although I am thankful to be out, my mommy says buying puppies from pet stores is the absolute worst thing you can do. She says to tell you guys that I had to have a $4,000 surgery because I had bad knees which was most likely a result of my parents not having health testing before they had me. She also cherishes every day I am here on this earth with her because she knows my breed is predisposed to heart problems, and although I'm OK today, it doesn't mean I will be tomorrow. She says to anybody who might be reading this blog that might be looking for a cavalier to make sure your breeder is doing proper health testing on their dogs before you deicde to buy. If you want to know more information, just ask.. she loves to talk! Although I am glad I found a great forever home, apparently I taught my mommy and daddy a very big lesson. Now that that is out of the way, here is a little about me:

I love balls. Big balls, small balls - it doesn't matter, as long as they're round. My only requirement is that I can pick them up with my mouth for fetch. I sometimes do this for hours. I also love to rip absolutely all toys to shreds. My mommy got clever and bought these new toys without stuffing called skinneeez so that I couldn't spread stuffing all around the house - I promptly showed her what I thought of this idea by ripping them apart and putting them inside out. My favorite place to be is on my mommy's lap - I am a cavalier after all. ;) I love to sleep with her in bed, and if she's not careful, I will not hesitate to steal her pillow. My second favorite thing to do is definitely to go on walks. I love - wait - LOVE - to pee on things. There is nothing more than a good pee onto every blade of grass, tree, whatever I can find to relieve a little stress. I love to splash in mud puddles, but I have learned I must do it at the beginning of the walk. This results in being nearly dry by the end of the walk and most of the time avoids the oh so awful bath tub. I also love tricks. I'm hoping I get to go back to school sometime soon. There is nothing better than showing off in front of the class doing tricks and getting a big hug and kiss to boot! I also love sleep. Tomorrow I am hoping this rain will let up for a while so I can go on a walk. Mom already said she has planned to bathe me, so hopefully I can get good and dirty before that happens. I suppose I should log off here and go to sleep. Tomorrow my sister will introduce herself. For now, here are a couple of pictures of me.


Miss Kodee & Miz Becky said...

I love Koso's story! Now we need Faith's and be sure to include the paint picture!

Empty Nest Mom said...

I'm finding lots of interesting things on a rainy Sunday afternoon!

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